A Message to Sady’s Mom

February 8, 2011

Dear Karen,

Thank you for taking the time to threaten me with legal action. I am very impressed that you have a lawyer. Sarcasm aside, I am truly sorry that your husband struggled with BPD. I am not here to bash people with BPD. Some of my readers are borderlines. I’m here to make people aware of the abusive behavior that can comes with BPD. You of all people should be sympathetic to my situation.

I haven’t diagnosed anybody here, because I’m not a therapist. I make that very clear to everyone here. What I have done is observed borderline type behavior and made people aware of that behavior. If they show repeated patterns of said behavior, I suggest that they might have BPD. I encourage these people with this type of behavior to get diagnosed by a trained specialist. (Reads the tabs above.) Furthermore, if people come to MY blog and demonstrate this type of abusive behavior. I have every right to point that out.

I don’t know your daughter at all. Which is puzzling because she has made me the target of a smear campaign including false accusations of misogyny and abuse. Are you and your lawyer aware of this? She doesn’t know me at all or my ex and yet she has drawn her own conclusions about OUR relationship together. She has declared her own “war” against me and sent a 100 of her misguided followers to come and harass me. Are you and your attorney aware of this? This is classic borderline behavior. You of all people should know this.

I have offered the olive branch to your daughter and she has responded with another libelous post. So before you go demanding that I cease and desist. Perhaps you should spend some time admonishing your little girl. She has been behaving very badly and spreading nasty rumors in the girl’s room. This blog enjoyed relative peace for almost a year until she declared war. She may or may not have BPD, but she has certainly displayed core traits.

Thank you for suggesting I’m a good writer, but you don’t know enough about me to judge me as a person. I am also someone with a good heart. Just because you and your daughter and her crazed followers think I’m a bad bad man, doesn’t make it so. But I am also a forgiving heart. If your daughter wants to post a formal apology, acknowledge her abusive behavior and take down the offensive posts, then I see no reason to continue this silly blog war. As an advocate for mental illness yourself, I hope we can work together to spread awareness about this terrible disease.

4 Responses to “A Message to Sady’s Mom”

  1. skyeee said

    This crap is hilarious. A lawyer, an interview. I’m disappointed to be of the same gender as her.

  2. savorydish said

    Here’s a thought for Sady and my ex:
    If you don’t want people to think you’re crazy, then don’t act crazy.
    If you don’t want blogs to talk badly about you, then don’t behave badly.

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