Why My Ex Is Sooo Angry

February 7, 2011

I know a lot of you angry feminists think that my ex is angry because I abused her in some way. I laugh when I hear that because I treated her like a princess. I treated her better than she treats herself. I cooked her dinners and cleaned her house, I listened to all her drama, I soothed her when she had one of her bouts of depression. When she wanted to quit grad school because she was having panic attacks, I encouraged her to stick it out. I was the one who encouraged her to mend her relationship with her mother. I comforted her when she found out what happened between her father and her then lesbian fiancee. I was one of the two people in her life who cared enough about her to encourage her to seek therapy.

Where were you holier-than-thou people?

You angry feminists may find it hard to believe but I was unbelievably patient with her. Ridiculously patient with her. More patient than I should have been. Like most abusive personalities she had a quick temper and use to snap at me on a regular basis. I forgave her because she was a rape survivor and because I loved her. I even forgave her when I caught her cheating on me, not once but twice. She had an excuse and a sob story for that behavior as well. So for those of you who think you know me and have accused me of being intolerant, impatient and abusive. Well, you can go fuck yourselves.

And if my ex is the one spreading these lies, she can go fuck herself too. Now that you know why I’m so angry… let’s get back to my ex.

The truth is my ex was angry long before she met me. Long before she was raped. If she still had the scars on her wrist, you would know that her unhappiness has been a lifelong struggle. Biological unhappiness. Google that if you want to find out more.

I am aware that she has accused me of making up this whole BPD thing. I laugh at that too. Anyone who knows anything about BPD will instantly see it in my stories. But she wants to remain in denial. So for those of you who think I concocted these stories to get back at my ex, you can go fuck yourself too.

I can only hope someday you fall into a relationship with an abusive borderline. I pray to the gods of poetic justice that this happens to you. Given that most of you gravitate towards abusive personalities already, that is a very real possibility. And when it happens, I will laugh my ass off.

For those of you who are BPs in denial, well your punishment is being a BP in denial. Your suffering is apparent to anyone who knows about BPD. Unfortunately, part of your disease is lashing out and acting out. That is the behavior you have been demonstrating for the last three days. In case you’re too dense to figure that out, that’s called abuse. It doesn’t matter that you have found some bullshit excuse to abuse someone you don’t even know, it’s still abuse. Congratulations, you’re an abuser. You’re right up there with rapists and child molesters. Abuse is your contribution to life. Kudos to you. Your punishment in life is being you.

The fact is chaos, conflict and drama are very much part of the BPD lifestyle. If you wanna know why, continue reading. Better yet do your own research. A BPs life is filled with unending tragedy and drama. This has also added to her anger. The truth is (and this is going to make you angry feminists angrier) BPs perpetuate the anger in their life. They seek out abusive relationships and run away from healthy ones. They are constantly engaging in risky behavior and putting themselves at risk. They are constantly stirring up trouble and escalating conflicts. Look at what has transpired in the last few days. I didn’t invite you here.

I didn’t invite any of you angry trolls to read my blog. It was her decision to tweet Sady and Garland in hopes they would send their misguided followers here. She knows most of you are rape survivors. She is well aware that the material here could trigger negative emotions. I can tell a lot of you are hurting. And guess what? She could care less. This is classic BPD behavior. Creating drama where there is none. Spreading anger like wildfire. If she is reading this, I want to ask her if she’s proud of herself? I want to ask what she had hoped to accomplish by stoking the fires?

A lot of miserable trolls like Penny Dreadful came here pretending to defend the honor of a woman, they don’t even know. They are essentially defending an abusive personality. They are defending her abuse of me. You’re not feminists. You’re just an angry mob made up of sad and pathetic people looking to settle a score. People who have been abused and traumatized. And you came here to settle a score through a person you don’t even know. Nobody is forcing you to stay here and use me as your emotional punching bag. That’s your choice. You chose to do that because you’re an abusive asshole. A wretched excuse for a human being. Lowlifes and scumbags.

The reason why you abusers are so angry is because I’m showing a side of you, you don’t want to see. This blog is a painful reminder of the pain and suffering you have caused others. The reason why you worship Sady is because she tells you that you are perfect the way you are. And you’re not. You’re far from it. Previous to reading this blog, you thought of yourselves as victims. But I have shown you as you are… abusers. So you bash me and this blog thinking it will change who you are. When only you can change who you are.

Once again I hope each and every one of you abusers ends up with an abusive borderline partner. I hope you go through what I went through. I pray that day will come.

And to Sady Doyle and Garland Grey, any time you want to talk trash about me have the balls to say it to my face. You don’t know me either. So fuck you too. You want to make this a public war. You got it. The whole world will know what miserable fucks you are. I know you delusional assholes think you’re do-gooders but all you do (all you did) is spread your misery and anger. Great work you’re doing there. You’re quality human beings.

18 Responses to “Why My Ex Is Sooo Angry”

  1. Zoezo said

    SavoryDish, the legions of aching souls are scratching and poking and scratching and poking and it’s obviously taking a toll on you. Their plan is to wear you down. Don’t let them manipulate you. Most likely your responses to their comments didn’t make much of an impression on them for the exact reason you’ve already guessed: they can’t/won’t hear you. No listening skills. Minds clouded by hale storms of anger. Must beat,beat,beat on the blogger. Though your responses are intelligent, thoughtful and quite often hilarious (thank you for treating me to some desperately needed laughter), all is lost on them. They can’t take your experience into account. The focus must stay on . . . Them! Even though they profess to be fighting in support of an important issue, the true issue (just peek behind the drapes) is truly themselves.

    Show them the door. Get on with the blog.

    • savorydish said

      Thanks Zoezo,
      I know you’re right, I just needed to say my piece and vent. I know it will fall on deaf ears. And they will hide in denial. I can handle the anger. What I can’t put up with is the false accusations. Especially knowing how well I treated her and how poorly she treated me. It’s re-opening those wounds all over again. Thanks for bringing me back and caring.

  2. Miss K said

    How are you going today SD? it sounds like the trolls are still around!!! omg, how they love drama, I know this too well. Actually I really needed to talk to someone today, so I booked an app to see my councellor about these issues im having, I have no idea, but feel I have come out of his session feeling worse myself. I don’t know maybe new age therapy or something, well, I told him about my ex, and how he is slowly trying to get me to talk to him via email (has something to do with work), its not just having an ex manipulatively trying to get me on talking terms agin, but I have this idiot of a guy that i met through networking few months back (in USA whilst visiting), I had no attraction to him, but on a fship level we had alot in common, and as usual, just another guy who wants to also help out in my career (of course according to them, therw is an agenda), well cut a long story short. Before I left the country, he wanted something more than fship, I declined, I came back home, we chatted from time to time on social networks and email, only for him to snap when he tried bringing up dating me, I politely said no, so therefore he tried to carrot dangle something to do with my work (to keep me close), at first, he had some ideas, I took it in, but then realised this isnt going to work out for me in another country, im not ready for this etc etc…as soon as I told him this, he hits the roof!! now as far as im concerned I was never his, and my career was never his, but it was like there was nothing anymore that he could do to keep me close to him and dependent, so, in return, I had started recieving bitter emails, I sent some too not knowing why he was reacting this way…the more we communicated the more he fired up, so i stopped emailing him and erased him off my facebook (which I warned him), as far as I was concerned, I didnt have the strngth to go thru more drama after still healing from the ex. Well 2 weeks forward this week, he comes back on the attack, with emails and friend requests, I already banned him on my fan page, somehoe face book allows them back on, the emails got ugly, so again, I stopped replying to him to stop giving him any form of attention. I tell this to my councellor today, most ppl have said stay away from him, he sound like a creep etc etc (mind you i found out his on probation), my councellor thinks Im just as much to blame as he is for being in his life?????
    wtf??? this has thrown me sideways, so now, the abuser is the good guy? how does anyone deserve to be treated like this when they have no idea what is in for them? i never wanted anything from this guy, i never asked anything of him, he pushed his way into my life, has turned it upside down, im still highly strung from the anxiety this has caused me, but im beside myself that I was told im just as much to blame for my unhappyness??? how?? i cannot see this??? if he was a healthy person, i would not exp this negativity from such a person, plus if these ppl never hid there intensions so well at the beggining, Im sure as hell I would not invite them into mylife, so basically he has given me excercises for me to relax, but accoding to my councellor, my anxiety is my problem not this so called monster who came into my life to stir me up.
    I dont know, if someone has an answer to this, would love to hear it, I mean, I blame myself for allowing men like this in my life, but i also have to be realistic here too, my industry is very cut throat, and its male dominant, majority of these men are alpha males (the ruthless ones), I have to deal with these kind of ppl from time to time as this is my industry, but like I mentioned there are some that do hide there intensions well, and unfortunetly I do have to come across these men for networking, business, but I still dont think that anyone deserves to be verbally punched and belittled like this either, regardless of there status….

    • savorydish said

      I guess we both had rough days huh? That’s weird if that guy doesn’t even know you that well. I mean I could sympathize if you guys were dating for months. But like you said, you just wanted to be friends from the getgo.

      Yeah, you and I need to find better healthier people.

      It’s so funny that these people are telling me to get over my ex, when I wouldn’t take her back if she threw herself at me. They don’t realize I see her for the monster that she is now. They don’t get that this blog is helping me see that. The last three days especially. I am seriously considering avoiding any woman with a troubled past.These women are mad because I’m recounting my bad experience with a rape survivor. And act like I’m an asshole for not wanting to go through that pain again. It’s a messed up world we live in.

    • savorydish said

      Hope your week gets better.

      • Miss K said

        I hear you too SD, I mean diaries/blogs are great for this kind of thing, its all part of the healing process, you need to go through different stages to be over this experience, venting about your ex has nothing to do with getting back with her, and Im still venting about mine, and I want nothing to do with him either, venting out your feelings is the natural healing stages, Don’t listen to those that say need to get over her, I mean if this is how quickly these ppl delt with there break up and jumping right into the next, where have they had time to heal and move on from it? its no wonder the next rshp fails, because they never had time to break down the issues of the last rship, to look into themselves and into the person they where once dating and say “hey, what did I do wrong, what can I do better next time round” so no, dont get over it until your ready to get move on from it, if this is helping you to get everytng inside out, to cleanse yourself, your on the right track, this blog is no different to a diary, the good thing about blogs, is you have others going through the same thing and o all helpng eachother, its a great network…..plus if u have your ex and her army, stil sticking there noses in your business, why wouldnt you be angry at that? if she was over it, she wouldnt be out here causing trouble with you, and there fore you wouldnt feel angry, so someone is probing you because there not over there shit…or maybe they no deep down “they fkd up”

        I hope you have a great week too savory dish, I just wish I had a moment of piece, god these ppl feel like death.

      • savorydish said

        Miss K, you’re the best.

  3. savorydish said

    Oh Barry Buss,
    You’re back with your faux-concern for my well-being and your pearls of wisdom.
    You have come to enlighten the benighted. You must be a great man in real life, to be able to speak with such majesty.
    Do you ever read your comments and think “Wow, I am really full of myself?”

  4. savorydish said

    Why do you care so much Mtthw?
    What’s your relationship to my ex?
    If you are such an advocate against abuse, why do you come perpetrate it.
    Why do you keep coming back for more?

  5. savorydish said

    Why do you care Mtthw?
    If my blog bothers you that much, move along.

  6. savorydish said

    You seem desperate for validation, but you won’t find it here.
    Look deep within my son.

  7. savorydish said

    tsk tsk Penny Dreadful,
    What kind of advocate mocks abuse and laugh at its victims? And then hides behind a fake IP address?

  8. savorydish said

    Hey Penny,
    Maybe you can show me how ballsy you are by posting under your real name. I’d love to get to know the real you.

  9. savorydish said

    Iol@ Penny
    I see, you’re all talk then.
    I’m flattered to know that I instill fear in you. mwahhhhhhhh

  10. savorydish said

    Oh my Penny,
    You sound so tough behind your anonymous handle. But I must question your denial. You have been mocking victims of emotional abuse for the last week. Be tough enough to acknowledge your abusive behavior.
    Do you expect me to believe that in real life you are sugar and spice and everything nice?
    What is your relation to my ex. I have detected some similarities in speech patterns. Not to mention your concern in this matter seems highly unusual and suspect.

  11. savorydish said

    Oh no! Shady Penny called me a loser.
    How will I ever go on? Your words sting like a thorny rose my dear.

  12. babs dee said

    SD, I’ve just tripped acros your blog, can’t be bothered to trawl through the blogs of ‘feminists’ who appear to be having difficulty with your truth. I’m a feminist, an active feminist. I’m also a survivor of a quarter century marriage to an abusive BPD, currently in a relationship with a rrecovering BPD, one who IS invested in his own recovery and healing, more invested in that than in our relationship. And that’s ok with me. Abuse is abuse. Feminists who are also abusers, don’t get a free pass simply because they are femininsts. Nor do active borderlines get a free pass on their abusive behaviours. Not all disordered personalities are abusers, but active abusers (personality disordered or not) love attention, even negative attention. Nobody can walk over you unless you lie down. Stick to your truth, and keep your energy for your own recovery from abuse, that way your energy remains positive. Ignore those who would drag you into the abyss of their misery, water always finds it’s own level…..even in the sewer!!

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