Doesn’t It Suck When…

February 7, 2011

Someone you once loved betrays your trust?

Someone you trusted stabs you in the back?

Someone makes your life a living hell?

Someone lies and cheats on you after they say they will never do it again?

Someone accuses you of horrible things ?

Someone dismisses your pain?

Someone abuses you and doesn’t even have the decency to acknowledge it?

Someone judges you unfairly?

Someone judges you when they don’t even know you?

Someone mocks your suffering?

Someone humiliates you in public?

Someone ignores your pain?


So… How did it feel?

Not so good eh? Kinda wanna makes you not care anymore. Doesn’t it?

We learned a lot this week, didn’t we?

Life’s lessons can be harsh.





4 Responses to “Doesn’t It Suck When…”

  1. Miss K said

    God yes, Im still raw about it, still waiting to just get over this and heal. These are harsh lessons from life experience, i really hope that I dont fall into this type of rships again.
    Already I am still raw from my ex, and ontop of that, I have this other phsyco stalking me, where do I find them, or should I say why am I attracting them? its like i have a tattoo on my forehead saying “I want to be controlled & belittled”

    I hope we all learn from our unpleasant exp and I don’t wish this upon anyone, I think most of us on here have been in this kind of rship, we all deserve a better way of love and to be loved. Because love doesnt hurt like the above point. Thanks Savorydish

    • savorydish said

      I knew you’d understand.

      • Miss said

        Esp after all this, my ex has been in a new rship for sometime, I cant understand why someone that is happy with a new rship, still need me around in his life? I had refused and moved on, but somehow he is still managing to grab my attention again, it makes me wonder, did he care at all or am I just a toy to him? a guys insight would be great 🙂

      • savorydish said

        Sounds like he’s using you as plan B. You were right to move on.

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