Why is Sady Doyle Stalking Me?

February 4, 2011

Creeeepy. Uber creepy.

Somebody please call the Victim’s Rights Bureau and inform them that angry people are harassing me.

On that note, I’d like to welcome all the new visitors. Stick around, read my blog. You might learn why you are so angry and so obsessed with victimhood and shame.

If you’re wondering who the hell Sady Doyle is, you’re not alone. But according to her, she’s kind of a big deal amongst the emotionally damaged. If you’re wondering why she is so angry here’s a look into her psyche:

a lot of my early sexual experiences were abusive: I would classify them as consensual, but they weren’t pleasurable, they often involved a certain degree of coercion or silencing of my needs, and the men had a totally dismissive attitude toward my body, my pleasure, my health, and my needs that I absorbed as a natural and acceptable part of sex. My first boyfriend told me that it “worked better if I didn’t move,” if that tells you anything. And when condoms broke, I was told that it wasn’t a big deal and I shouldn’t talk about it and everything would be fine and the big deal! Stop making it! So I shut up about it.

Sheesh… What was I saying about borderlines not being good judges of character? Looks like Sady’s out to settle a score. Be afraid, very afraid.

28 Responses to “Why is Sady Doyle Stalking Me?”

  1. savorydish said

    Dear Jeecleph,

    I almost posted your comments because they were semi-rational. But you speak without knowing anything about my relationship with her. I showed her great patience. I forgave her for cheating on me twice. That’s more than anyone should put up with.

    In the future, please get all the info before you jump to conclusions. You only make yourself look bad.

    This blog has done a great many things for me. It has allowed me to vent my anger. It has confirmed my experience. I have learned a lot about BPD and silent abusers. Believe it or not it has helped a lot of people (both men and women) who have been through similar experiences with a borderline. Just because YOU and your cohorts are offended doesn’t mean it’s not serving a purpose for others.

    But I invite you to stay and continue reading. Take the time to get to know my story before you jump to rash conclusions.

  2. Evan said

    Savory Dish, when it comes to any discussion on alleged rape there are, as expected, extreme irrational viewpoints on BOTH sides. This topic does need to be better discussed in an open, balanced way in order to protect women and men. I don’t agree with your points about BPD woman placing themselves in danger, or your view on alcohol and it’s role in alleged rape. Again though, this is a topic that needs to be discussed rationally in the public arena. Im not naive, this is a internet blog, but don’t get swept up responding to the fringes of the debate. Focus on what’s important, discussing how to better protect women and men.

    • skyeee said

      “I don’t agree with your points about BPD woman placing themselves in danger, or your view on alcohol and it’s role in alleged rape.”

      As a woman with BPD, I have to say, you’re wrong. If not intentionally, people, not just women (men with BPD, while not as common, do exist…I swear !) with BPD, do place theirselves in situations that are dangerous. If not to their health, then to their mental health as well.

      • . said

        And as another woman with BPD, I will insist that this is not always the case. Every relationship is a problem to their mental health, but they’re not actively seeking anguish and people that will cause mental problems.

      • savorydish said

        in defense of Skye, she would be the first person to tell you she does not actively seek anguish. She is merely pointing out that this is a symptom of the disorder.

      • savorydish said

        I’d like to thank both Evan and Skye for demonstrating how to talk about this sensitive topic in a rational and sensible manner. Clearly it is a polarizing topic but that doesn’t mean we have to stop being human beings.

        As Skye pointed out BPD affects both men and women. I swear I’m not just picking on women. I just happened to have relationships with women. Can’t do anything about that.

        And finally I want to say that Skye and I are not talking out of our asses. Both of us know a great deal about BPD from reading about it and experiencing it. BPs placing themselves in danger is a fact, not an opinion. Of course, there are no absolutes and there are always exceptions to the rules.

      • Miss K said

        im just passing through briefly and read this article. Im not sure if i have missed anything, but to me this statement above doesn’t really spell bordeline, in all fairness, I too have been fustrated with dating men of BPD’s and being hurt by them, but does that make me a bordeline because i attract them and then i become the victim? who knows, maybe over time it can, im pretty peed with the world right now. but I don’t think its fair for anyone to say that this women who did concent to having sex but was silently being abused by her partner her fault? not everything should be blamed and tagged as BPD, I think we can toss this label around too loosely. I don’t think anyone whom is a victim should be laughed at in this way. yes we have seen alot of this behaviour in people we know that have BPD, But when you dont know someone personally, i think it is wrong to be labelling anyone, we all have our own opinions and Skye has hers too being a BPD, but at the end of the day, BPD also carry different levels of this disorder, not everyone is as bad as the next BPD.
        Yes i think alcohol can put these ppl in dangerous situations, but does that mean its still ok for them to be treted this way and be victimised? only to turn around and say, “well your drunk and its your fault”? you cant, that means the abuser always wins, ppl need protecting, men and women, but we also have to be careful whom we are labelling as BPD, because some are not as bad as others…unless you personally know them, I think this is unfair. Again, unless you now their background very well and there drinking behaviour, this isn’t ok to be shaming someones name on here or anywhere on the web/blogs, this is dangerous, and this does turn into cyber bullying. just my 2cents, sorry, i have to be blunt on this one.

      • savorydish said

        No worries Miss K,
        I always respect your opinion. I agree on two points bad relationships do not equal BPD. And nothing makes rape ok.

        But the facts are the facts. And the fact is the presence of BPD and alcoholism greatly increases the risk of sexual assault. I hope I answered your questions.

        These are not absolutes. But part of BPD awareness is recognizing patterns.

      • savorydish said

        And I can assure you I am not laughing at rape.

        I’m laughing at the 100+ absurd people who thought creating chaos and drama here on my blog would help rape survivors.

      • Miss K said

        Hello savorydish, I sent another reply below, apologising for not having the facts you where giving out, I think being away from the pc lately, I have missed some valuable info and not realising there is more to the story than i thought, I wasnt sure, but I then started to scratch my head after I replied to this, wondering if maybe there was more to this and Im making premature presumptions. My apologise, I had no idea how worng and bad its getting for you on your end, and no, no one has any right to attack you in this manner, nor send 100+ ppl to attack you, this is definately cyber bullying and I agree that in this case, you need to proetect yourself and fight back. Thanks for giving me some insight and feedback, It all gels now. Im understanding the facts you are trying to say about the above post….in all fairness you actually are fair, especially when you show how you can take consideration of others opinions even if they differ, in my case, I think my facts where wrong. Im also a little sensitive today, just having a run of bad luck.
        I hope you have a better week Savorydish, to continue being attacked like this, this is really unfair, I mean not just one, but a whole army of ppl. Is there anyway to banning them from your site? This is uncalled for behaviour, sorry to hear this.

      • savorydish said

        Oh I’ll be fine. I can take the heat. But thank you for your concern. You’re a sweetheart. I’m just glad I have people like you around. Let me know if you wanna talk about your week.

      • Miss K said

        Your welcome savorydish, support always, your heart is also in the right place, its glad to have people like you around also 🙂
        Oh, my week, I wouldn’t know where to start, my mind is still racing, maybe ill come back a little later when I can express myself better, thank you SD 🙂

    • savorydish said

      Thanks for placing some perspective on this topic, Evan.

      (In case any of you fringe people are reading, this is how you get posted. I don’t have a problem with people disagreeing with me. In fact, I encourage it. I intentionally write things to provoke thought and emotions, in order to stimulate conversation. But this is not an open invitation for morons and assholes to dump their unresolved emotions on me. This is a site about BPD and therefore I do not tolerate abuse of any kind. You may be accustomed to acting out in the real world, but here you will be shown out the door if not mocked and humiliated. I have had to trash 60+ comments now, which shows how many immature people there are out there. Society needs to starts letting people like this know their abusive behavior will not be tolerated and it starts here on this humble blog. I’m sure this will make you even more upset, but again this says more about your emotional condition.)

      • savorydish said

        Dear Shh,

        Your comment has been tossed in the trash because you are an abuser. Your comments make you so. Mocking people who are abusive is an appropriate response. Attacking someone who is sharing their opinion on a highly charged topic is irrational and inappropriate. Let me know if you need me to explain other basic principles of human behavior. This is my blog. Not yours. If you don’t like it, you can leave. And you can take the other 82 silent abusers with you.
        But I invite you to stay and continue to read. You might just learn something about yourself. But that requires you to open your mind to the facts of life.

    • savorydish said

      The fact remains there is a strong correlation between alcoholism, BPD and rape. This is not an opinion or an excuse for rapists, it is a fact. Don’t take my word for it, research it yourself. If you find evidence of the contrary, show me. And if it’s legit I will post it.

      • Miss K said

        Savorydish im lost in your comment section here, Im trying to find more about sady to make sense of the above blog post, as im still lost of what is written, Im only going by what is above which to me doesn’t gel, so Im looking for more info on her to see if i have missed part of the puzzle. the letters below, are they addressed to you or is it letters you are addressing to other peoples comments that have come in? im truelly now lost in this section 😦

      • savorydish said

        My ex recruited some proxies and sent them my way. And they thought they could disrupt my blog with harassing comments. But they have been shown out the door. I responded to some of the comments if only to let people know what’s going on at the moment.

      • savorydish said

        Sady Doyle and Garland Grey are a bunch of wannabe shit starters recruited by my ex to harass me. If you want links I can provide them to you, otherwise just google their names.

      • Miss K said

        Thanks Savorydish, I have been away the last few days I have missed some of the stories going on, so therefore this is my fault, i dont have all the facts here, and I understand what you are now writing, I guess I read wrong inbetween the lines about rape victims, I apologise for getting on my high horse, this isn’t what you actually ment. I have been missing part of the picture the last few days as and I didnt even know you where being attacked to this point!! now that is defenatly cyber bullying towards you and therefore you have every reason to vent and fight back.
        Next time I better ask questions before i give my 2cents worth, thanks for explaining it to me and from your letters below, this is all starting to gel, sorry to hear that your being treated this way, your actually a fair person, just goes to show by how you also allow others comments to be taken in consideration, even if their view is different.

      • savorydish said

        No worries. I didn’t take offense, because I know your heart is in the right place. At least you took the time to get the story straight.

  3. savorydish said

    Also it’s hard for me to take you seriously when you address me as “dude” or “bro”. Seriously people, grow up. I know life is one big hippie commune for you, but it’s time to start acting like adults. I know immature people think insulting me hurts me in some way, but it only confirms how the emotionally damaged work. If you want to learn more about yourself keep reading.

  4. savorydish said

    Dear X,

    I don’t know Sady Doyle is a borderline. I don’t know Sady Doyle well enough to say with any degree of certainty. But when you become familiar with personality disorders like I have, you become very good at picking up signs. And Sady has very clear signs of something going on in her head. I realize some of you regard her as some kind of feminist goddess, and how dare I speak badly of her. But she opened herself to examination when she attacked me without knowing me.

    This is what I know about Sady so far. She has a troubled past. In particular she has had chaotic/abusive relationships. She has a sharp temper and tends to be oversensitive. She has a severe victim-complex (the world is out to get her) and is prone to black and white thinking. The latter is a core BPD symptom. Black and white thinking as in people are either all good or all evil. It is a sign of arrested emotional development. It is literally a childish way to look at life. That’s not an insult, it’s hard science. Don’t take my word for it. Research it for yourself.

    As you noted, I am not a trained mental health professional, so I can’t give you an official diagnosis. But I’m guessing all of you who defended her are also not trained mental health professionals. I’m guessing a lot of you are not familiar with BPD. I’m guessing a lot of you are not yet out of college. But the fact is very little is known about BPD and the human mind for that matter by even those who call themselves professionals. What I have learned is people who have personal experience with BPD are very knowledgeable about BPD and the signs that point to it.

    So if you want to dismiss my observations that is certainly your right. But I would argue that I know a heck of lot more abut BPD than you appear to know. But rather than argue with me, wouldn’t you be better served to read on and learn a little more before you engage in debate?

  5. savorydish said

    LOL now Sady Doyle is accusing me of attacking her. poor poor Sady. She sends all her minions to do her dirty work for her and when I fight back she accuses me of being the abuser.
    Now you know how manipulative narcissistic borderlines can be.
    All I can say is “oh what a tangled web they weave.”

  6. savorydish said


    I was fine until you malcontents decided it was ok to use me as your emotional punching bag. When Sady Doyle opened fire on me, she opened herself up to attack. Don’t attack me and then cry about it when I fight back. That is weak and manipulative.

    I mock people who take themselves too seriously. I mock bleeding hearts that think they are the only ones who have suffered, who think they are the only ones who deserve sympathy, who think they are the only ones allowed to have an opinion. You are self-absorbed as you are naive. I don’t know you and you don’t me. So I don’t care that you don’t like me. I’m sorry that you have a tragic past, but that does not make you a martyr. Stop acting like it. If you don’t like my blog you are more than welcome to leave. But I invite you to stay and learn more about your condition. But this means you have to have a stomach for the truth.

    Let me tell you something about your Sady Doyle. She is anything but a positive person. Feminism is about empowering people. Sady Doyle keeps victims in a state of victimhood. She exploits people who are untreated and re-directs their anger at the rest of the world. She is a sad angry bitter woman who who surrounds herself with other sad cases, so she can feel normal. Sady Doyle is popular amongst the emotionally damaged because she tells them what they want to hear. She tells them that they don’t have to be responsible for their well-being. She tells them that the reason why they are so miserable is because there is a systematic conspiracy to ruin their lives. You should take a step back from your whirlwind of a life and really examine yourself and people like Sady. I get that you’re hurting, but lashing out at me is not going to heal your wounds.

    If you can’t control your anger and have no interest in healing, take your blame elsewhere. You negativity will not be allowed to fester here. People like you assume that unless a person is a woman who’s been raped, they have no right to speak or have their own opinion. Do you realize how prejudiced and close minded you are? Chew on that for a while before you open your mouth again.

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