Update on Skye

February 2, 2011

Skye hasn’t posted anything in a while. So I was getting a little concerned. But she wrote back and it sounds like she’s doing well. She’s out of the hospital, working and (most importantly) getting therapy. I’m very happy for her. I wish her the best. She’s a good soul.

I feel bad sometimes, because I know this blog can be very anti-borderline. But to her credit and borderlines like her, they get it. They understand why people, like me, are so angry and bitter. It is their ability to be compassionate and understanding that convinces me they are in a good place. The difference between those in denial and those who are aware is like night and day. It is unfair that people like Skye have to carry the stigma of being a borderline personality. But it is why I am so impressed by her honesty. Someone has to have a lot of courage to publicly blog about their personal struggles with BPD.

On that note, I’d like to let borderlines know how much I appreciate their contribution to the discussion. The info about BPD can be pretty one-sided and so it’s always good to get another perspective. As much as ex-partners hate their borderline exes, there is still a bond there. Ironically, no one understands a borderline’s affliction more than a person who has been abused by a borderline. There will always be a part of us that is trying to mend what was broken.

On another note, the discussion is being continued in the comment section of Ignorant Bliss. The best insights I think are the ones that come out of these discussions. There you’ll find insights on why partners stay with an abusive borderline. We also talked about drawing the line between validating a borderline’s feelings and tolerating abusive behavior.

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