Young Feminists Speak Out

January 19, 2011

Tomorrow, Young Feminists Will Speak Out in Santa Monica. What will they speak about? Not sure. But I hope they will speak about borderline personality disorder. Why? Because BPD affects a lot of women, especially young women. Especially, survivors of sexual assault. This is a topic all feminists should care about.

Traditionally, feminists have had a troubled relationship with the male-dominated mental health field. In particular, they have a problem with any type of negative label that might be slapped onto women by said industry. In days gone by, women had been abused or sent to asylums for “hysteria”. It is not hard to figure out why the mistrust is there. Even BPD is seen by some feminists as having negative connotations for women.

But I hope the younger generation will take a new look at mental health. If a feminist can talk about breast cancer, why shouldn’t they be concerned about BPD or any other personality disorder? Did you know borderline women are more likely to be assaulted?(sometimes more than once) These are things all women should know. And as protectors of women, feminists should have a keen interest in seeing BPD women treated for this serious disorder.  If for no other reason, than stopping the suffering of millions of women around the world.

My ex is a feminist. She works for a major feminist publication. She is not only a survivor of sexual assault, but has clear signs of BPD. But yet she has not even gone in for a proper diagnosis. She would rather blog about thrifting shoes, than talk about her struggles with BPD. It’s a shame really. I think women need to hear about other women who have been through this challenging experience. I think her coming out would be a healing experience for her and many other women. Many BP women hide their disorder in shame, because they are afraid to come out. Should it not be a feminist that leads first?

But another reason I think feminists should talk about BPD is because an untreated borderline will often abuse their own partners and children, thus perpetuating the cycle of abuse. As they say, what goes around comes around. If you want to see young women live in a world free of abuse, let’s start with women who perpetrate abuse. I was abused by my ex and I am very aware of the negative effect it has had on me. So now it is my hope that all people, including feminists, will be aware of the negative effect of abusive relationships. This includes borderlines and other silent abusers.

Feminists have always spoken out against abuse of any sort. They have also demanded equality. So… Shouldn’t feminists also speak out against women who abuse men?

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8 Responses to “Young Feminists Speak Out”

  1. […] of mental illness. This came as a relief, especially after one young feminist wrote to me claiming feminists have better things to talk about than Borderline Personality Disorder. Really? They have time to talk about AIDS, breast cancer and abortion, but they don’t have […]

  2. eshther greenwood rini said

    Itz a pure bull shit.first stop rapes and violence against women then there will b no bpd.feminists trying to do this.when u r labelling a woman as bpd or having depression mania or schizophrenia you r labelling that individual woman as abnormal and treated her like an outsider who must need to be perfected and blah blah blah.itz the sexist world which is responsible and wrong.feminists are fighting against this venom.stop labelling rebel women as lunatics.they r the only sane person in this world

    • savorydish said

      So you’re saying psychology is pure bullshit?

      Because the only people who are being labeled as disordered are the ones who are.

      The feminists you speak of only defend a small percentage of women.

      We are not asking disordered people to be perfect. We are asking those who have been traumatized to seek treatment.

      And if they have been sexually assaulted then they need treatment even more so.

  3. eshther greenwood rini said

    Yes psychology is pure bull shit n male chauvinistic.women need co operation and treatment like a complete human being not ur electro compulsive shocks and psychotic drugs

    • savorydish said

      Lucky for you that DBT therapy does not involve electro-shock or psychotic drugs.

      But it does require an individual (male or female) to take responsibility for their own well-being and that of their loved ones. It requires a traumatized person to embrace the truth and reject denial. This requires courage that many people do no have, especially those who live in fear.

      If given a choice between science and feminist theory, I will choose science every time. Science is the obvious choice for anyone whose thoughts are not clouded by traumatic emotions.

      Sadly, feminist theory has become the refuge for irrational and histrionic women not yet ready to face their past demons. It has become science fiction written by women who seek absurd explanations for what is (for most of the population) common sense.

      But who am I to pull you out of delusions that shield you from traumatic memories and reality? Carry on in the fantastical world that you live in. Do not mind this blog. It is merely science fact. Which, as you point out, does not hold a candle up to science fiction.

      You are not fighting for womankind. You are fighting to stay in denial. Feminist theory will not treat your wounds. It will only keep you from healing.

      • eshther greenwood rini said

        No u r wrong.i wanted to convey that human pyschological traumas are mainly caused by our social injustices and biases.if a woman would not suffer violence or rape she would not adopt any bpd or npd or schizophrenia etc.we should more concern about social incongriguities.n u ultimately said what i meant previously that women need co operation.exactly that i meant.and u r blindly wrong.feminism has no contradiction with science unless male scientists under esteem female experience and analyse everythin’ from a creepy andro centric point of view.for instance dr. Freud called those women immature who reach orgasm.then his theory of penis envy is nothng but power envy.etc i think science is sometimes illogical and continuously changing.right???

      • savorydish said

        How am I wrong? What is the point of contention? I agree that traumas can be caused by “social and familial injustices”. So what is your point? That those who suffer from traumas should go untreated because you believe that psychologists are waging a secret war against women? Does any of this sound like paranoid and delusional thinking? Your writing is disjointed and histrionic. What does this tell us about your condition? Perhaps you should spend more time looking inward. Trauma needs to be treated regardless of where it came from.

  4. eshther greenwood rini said

    My point is that women who suffered traumatic events must need co operative people around her.personaly i faced sexual,physical and verbal abuses throughout my early adolescence by family members and once by a stranger.n since then i suffered a lot especially from a sense of overwhelming and intense behaviours and attitude was negative towards myself.then after so many years i suggested some psychiatrists.but their counselling seemed to me insufficient.though i used to feel relax but i could not get rid off the guilt.on the contrary it seemed to grown venomously and surreptitiously within me.i started regarding myself an abnormal creature who needs treatment not those culprits around me who ruined my life.but later when i started studying feminism i discovered that it is the misogynious world that regards a woman’s body with hate and disgust and the overwhelming consequence of this internalize hatred oftentimes lead to rape of female body.since then and afterwards i feel myself free and look down upon those who did that to me and those who have done or is doing or may do to other girls.i feel myself confident and try to spread this confidence to other women.women must need to get rid off the self hatred first.if my writing seem to u disjointed or histrionic then i apologize.i personally get very little benefit from psychiatrist field so i shared my opinion and perception on this matter.itz just a discussion not a debate.

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