Why Christine O’Donnell Reminds Me of My Borderline Ex

December 30, 2010

So maybe you’ve heard that Christine O’Donnell is under investigation by the Feds for illegally using campaign funds to pay her rent and to go bowling. Tsk tsk. When confronted with the allegations, Ms. O’Donnell didn’t exactly deny the allegations but instead accused liberals of mounting a witchhunt. In other words, she wants you to believe she is the victim. Playing the victim is how my ex reacted when I confronted her about her cheating ways.

When I questioned my ex about daily texts from another man, she went on the attack. She accused me of being controlling and overly-jealous. I later found out that she slept with the guy she said was just a friend. After finding out that she had lied to me, I went through her address book to find this guys’ phone number. When she found out, she accused me of not respecting her boundaries. The gal who was sneaking around with some other guy behind my back was accusing me of not respecting boundaries. Yeah, I laughed too.

Bear in mind, this was the second time she had cheated on me. Before then I had never even questioned her loyalty. Never complained when I saw her flirting with other guys. But even when confronted with insurmountable evidence, she still found a way to play the victim or turn the tables on me. When I told her why I had a hard time trusting her, she accused me of holding past misdeeds over her head. When I later blogged about her unsavory behavior, she accused me of humiliating her. It never occurred to her that she had humiliated both of us. This was the self-victimization tactic that she would use over and over again.

You would think someone who was busted over and over again, would be a lot more humble. But this is not how my ex thought. She was indignant when accused of wrongdoing. She was always the victim. Even though she would occasionally admit to being screwed up, somehow she always found a way to drag me down with her. I somehow contributed to her bad behavior. She not only failed to acknowledge her shady behavior, she tried to make it sound like I was overreacting. This was her way of bringing me down to her level. Or what I call “Spreading the Shame”.

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