Repressed Anger and Your Skin

November 16, 2010

Your skin is dry and cracking. You itch incessantly. If you are a borderline personality in denial, you will blame the weather or bad genes. But more likely you are experiencing the effects of repressed anger. This is especially true for an untreated BP who wears a smile on the outside, but is hurting on the inside.

You might think this is new age nonsense, but consider the fact that your skin responds to all types of emotions. When you are embarrassed, you blush. When you’re nervous, your palms get sweaty. Look into your past. Are there memories that make you angry? Maybe someone abused your trust and you weren’t able to confront them about it. Maybe somebody harmed you but you blocked it out. These are the type of traumatic experiences that can lead to chronic skin disorders. Most likely you are also experiencing digestive problems, migraines, as well as sleep disorders. Stress can further aggravate these symptoms.

The above symptoms apply to other repressed emotions as well. Guilt (aka self-hatred), sadness, fear, etc. A trauma survivor can experience all of these emotions to a degree most of us can only imagine. When these emotions are repressed it can wreak havoc on a survivor’s body. Under these circumstances, a body of a 20 yr old can experience problems usually found in a body of a much older person.

Some people will suggest you direct your energy into creative pursuits, take a yoga class, or meditate. But chances are you already engage in such activities. They might take some of the edge off, but such activities won’t even begin to address PTSD symptoms. Your wounds are deep. Cancel the appointment with the dermatologist and make an appointment with a shrink.

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