Tom Sizemore Saving Charlie Sheen

November 8, 2010

The other day I saw an interview with Tom Sizemore.  If ever Mr. Sizemore acted like a drunk asshole, he redeemed himself in the interview when he made an impassioned plea for, friend and fellow actor, Charlie Sheen to check himself into rehab. Joining the plea was Robert Downey Jr. and Martin Sheen (all three are recovered alcoholics).  Whether Charlie knows it or not, he’s a lucky man to have loved ones intervene like this.

It made me think about people who suffer from borderline personality disorder. Especially those who live in denial of their disorder. Like addicts, BPs in denial are resistant to change and avoid therapy. Like addicts, their lives are filled with never-ending drama and tragedy, directly or indirectly related to their disorder. But somehow they never make the connection. I say Charlie is lucky, because many addicts and BPs do not have this kind of support.

Most BPs surround themselves with other troubled souls. Just as an alcoholic surrounds him/herself with drinking buddies, BPs surround themselves with people from broken families and people who struggle with intimacy/infidelity. Birds of a feather flock together and enable each other to continue dysfunctional behaviors. Parents of BPs in denial sometimes act as accomplices by covering up their loved one’s disorder. When a BP acts out, BP enablers look the other way or dismiss it. It’s incredibly frustrating to see friends and family of BPs sit on the sidelines and do nothing. You want to shake them and ask them how much more crap needs to happen to their loved one before they decide they need to intervene.

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