Charlie Sheen Says He’s Fine

October 28, 2010

What’s more shocking than Charlie Sheen being the highest paid actor on TV? Or more shocking than Two and a Half Men being the highest rated TV show? How about Charlie Sheen saying he’s fine as he’s walking out of a psych evaluation. Can you say, “denial”?

He’s probably right, when he said his latest hotel incident was overblown, but come on. Charlie is the poster child for sex, drug and alcohol addiction. A man who threatened his wife with a knife. He’s anything but fine. Dr. Drew, celebrity addiction specialist, was on Larry King last night. The good doctor basically said if Charlie doesn’t take time off for treatment, they will probably find his dead body in a hotel room. Dr. Drew reminded the audience that Robert Downing Jr. took 2 years off to sober up.

Charlie Sheen is what you call a high-functioning disordered personality. Despite all his dysfunction, he is able to succeed at a very high level. Which means he is more at risk, because he has the resources to feed his addictions. And because he’s a Hollywood A-Lister, people are more likely to look the other way. Some even look forward to reading about his antics in the gossip pubs. LA LA Land is the mothership for high-functioning disordered personalities. Mel Gibson and Michael Jackson are just a few examples.

The pressure of work and success can only add to their stress. Stress that leads to them acting out in all sorts of self-destructive ways. Imagine what the pressure is like for someone who is the highest paid actor on TV. Someone who has to live up to a famous father. People with personality disorders will sometimes keep their schedules busy just to avoid dealing with their issues. But as Dr Drew noted, that will probably be Charlie Sheen’s downfall. It’s a reminder to all of us that we need to slow down every once and a while to regain our sanity.

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