Cloudy with a Chance of Depression.

October 18, 2010

It’s a cloudy day today, and as we all know moods can be affected by gloomy weather. This is especially true for moody people. If you know someone who suffers from a mood disorder, now would be a good time to make sure they’re ok. If you have just started a relationship with a person afflicted with a mood disorder, you may start to notice changes. Once the fun and sun of summer lovin’ has passed, you will start to notice there is a darker side to your lover. The idealization that comes with a BPD relationship will start to break down. Slowly but surely, the relationship will start to sour for no particular reason. Your partner will become more needy and call you every day. And if you don’t meet their excessive needs, they will accuse you of not being faithful or trustworthy. You will eventually find your lover is prone to severe depression, panic attacks and thoughts of suicide. Now would be a good time to encourage them to get help.

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