Sexual Expression and the Shame that Comes with It.

October 15, 2010

There seems to be some debate over the topic of sexual expression. Little did I know it was such a heated topic. But certain hyper-sensitive individuals who have a preoccupation with shame have made it clear that I need to set the record straight. It seems they are under the impression that I am “shaming” women for expressing their sexuality. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am a big fan of sexy women. In no way am I saying it is unhealthy to express your sexuality. But what I have noticed is there is a big difference between the thought process of a healthy person expressing their sexuality vs the thought process of an unhealthy person.

If a woman wants to prance around half-naked, then more power to her. But if she needs to do this because it’s the only way she can feel validated, then I would say that is an unhealthy state of mind. If a couple wants to tape their lovemaking, have at it. But if this later becomes a blackmail scandal, then you might want to question why you choose the partners that you do. You might want to ask why drama is a constant companion. If you are so drunk that you accidentally end up on GirlsGoneWild without your knowledge, you might want to find your way to an AA meeting. This is not a male or female topic, this is a topic for anyone engaged in sexual acts.

This is not a moral judgment, it’s common sense. Sadly, not everyone has it. Especially if that person has a personality disorder or has experienced some sort of sexual trauma. That’s not my high and mighty arrogance talking, that just happens to be the way it really is. To those who have accused me of “shaming”them, I would suggest that the shame they feel was there long before they met me. Societal pressures aside, such feelings of shame can be the result of sexual assault. If this is not the case, then carry on. But if it is, maybe you should deal with this before you go accusing everyone of shaming you.

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