Tila Tequila’s Mental State

October 13, 2010

For a lot of confused women, Tila Tequila is a role-model. And quite frankly that alarms me. A lot of these fans are semi-intelligent women too and that scares the shit out of me. A lot of them are in denial or just plain ignorant about personality disorders. I recently discovered Ms Magazine caters to this demographic. But thank god one progressive publication has seen through Ms Tequila’s act. A lesbian online mag called AutoStraddle commented on Tequila’s condition:

Bipolar Disorder, schizophrenia, sleep deprivation, severe clinical depression and stress is known to contribute to and trigger psychotic states. A history of psychologically traumatic events, and the recent experience of a stressful event, can both contribute to the development of psychosis…

I hope someone in Tila’s life is getting her some treatment, but it seems like everyone is either attacking her on Twitter or in the media, or just abandoning her altogether. If any of her enemies really want this behavior to stop, there is a guaranteed solution: therapy, perhaps Lithium, Seroquel, Ativan, Effexor… and the professional care provided at a mental hospital.

…perhaps Tila will finally get the care & help she needs and get some counseling during a trying time. She’s a human being, and in this psychological state she will not seek help herself or admit she has a problem (that’s part of the illness), and she needs rest. Otherwise she will likely become a physical danger to herself and others very, very, very soon.

One commenter, a woman who works in the mental health profession, corrected the mag’s initial evaluation:

While I definitely could see the hypomania/bipolar action happening with Tila, I think ultimately she might be the kind of girl that gives Borderline Personality Disorder such a terrible stigma. And such a cartoonishly wild, female and promiscuous characterization in popular media. Also, as a note, I would prefer she not check into my psychiatry department, assuming she veers (careens?) toward a mental health resource in the foreseeable future. I think she lives in LA, but if she makes it anywhere near the Bellevue hospital system, I’m heading West.

I’d have to agree with this commenter. Tila Tequila is a poster child for BPD gone wild. But BPs can often display other symptoms along with BPD – such as those associated with bipolar disorder, narcissism, mania, etc. Let’s hope someone from Ms. Magazine will be brave enough to do a follow up article on Tequila’s mental health.  Then maybe their misguided readers will realize how emotionally troubled their media goddess is. Maybe they will realize that outing someone with mental disorders is not slanderous or malicious, but a much needed education on how such disorders can adversely affect someone’s life and the lives of those around them.

If you know someone like this, please get them some help. Whether they want it or not. Not acting could be a matter of life or death.

11 Responses to “Tila Tequila’s Mental State”

  1. savorydish said

    Bear in mind, not all BPs are as wild as Tila Tequila. But that doesn’t mean their symptoms aren’t as troubling. The key is to look beyond the fabricated image. BPs are very good at putting up false fronts, but they always leave clues.

  2. Alex said

    There is a troubling trend I see people make the leap to diagnose or misdiagnose a disorder someone may or may not actually have.
    To say someone has these mental disorders and not actually have met and are treating them, which is to say, the doctor & patient confidentiality agreement would be breached talking about this.

    In other words, it’s not professional for a magazine to diagnose or misdiagnose nor is it for a person in the mental health field to do the same over the Internet, it requires face to face counseling with a qualified professional to make the distinction between fact and fiction.

    There are some actors and actresses that do it for the attention and publicity. Aptly put, if you see her put a handgun in her mouth and do it for the camera, assuming someone is watching, it’s more of an act than anything.

    Now, the real test would be, would she do that when she’s not online, no cameras present (or so she wouldn’t know they are and recording, hidden cameras with audio) or in the public eye?

    Probably not…

    Now, I will address the absolute need for attention or the camera and attention whoring as some people call it. That does need to be addressed, although, it’s not just Tila that needs help in that aspect, as many people do this in society.

    I will not attach a disorder to this because I am not a phony mental health worker nor do I gain anything from doing so.

    If you want Tila to stop doing this, all you need to do is stop watching her on the Ustream and other media outlets, make it clear that her activities and behavior are not tolerated and you will not be dragged down to her level of drama.

    While watching her from afar, if she becomes a danger to herself and the public, then call the police and explain the situation to them, anything other than that, just let her be.

    Just remember this, people like her feed on comments about people talking about her; good, bad, and the ugly. Don’t feed the monster within, just stop talking about her.

    • savorydish said

      A more disturbing trend is people who watch this behavior and choose to look the other way.

      • savorydish said

        The point of pointing this behavior out is not to give the attention whore the attention they are looking for. The point is to increase awareness. There is a reason why BPD and similar personalities are on the rise. Misguided and naive little girls look at Tila and aspire to be like her. We need to dispel the notion that this pseudo-celebrity lifestyle can cover up what are clearly profound psychological issues. You don’t have to be a mental health expert to see that this woman is deeply troubled. But it does behoove all of us to learn more about what makes people like Tila tick.

      • Alex said

        I see the angle in which you are viewing this situation and series of events regarding Tila and the youth that look up to her. However, to throw around psychological acronyms around such as BPD, Borderline Personality Disorder without first checking to see that Tila or other people that are influenced by her are in fact BPDs is a bit dangerous and irresponsible.

        Tila, as you know of her and many other that are in the same boat is a personality that is made up of many sound bites, rambling of what she says on her blogs (Tila’s hotspot), on her MySpace accounts, etc. She is working off a template that she knows works to get attention irrespective or the effects it has on her, peoples’ view of her and her fans.

        Much of what you see on T.V. and what you hear from others is actually manufactured stories, either from her, as in Tila or from the media.

        I have actually had the chance to get to know the real Tila, she is a lot different than what everyone assumes to be the truth. Does she need help? Yes! Does she need mental help? I would say no, until further notice. The fame machine she was using is using her in return, it’s a two way street.

        Now, if you want to blame Tila for the rise in BPD in young women or the youth in general. I would at least like to see the methodology in which you are arriving at this conclusion. I am not by any means defending Tila, because I am not. She is responsible for only herself and her actions. That is true for me, being responsible for myself and actions. Same with these kids looking up to her, they’re responsible for their own actions and thought patterns.

        To say BPD is on the rise due to someone else’s influence is questionable at best. I would be more apt to test all those kids for
        stressors at school, home, their general nutrition, does mental or emotion disorders run in the family. Did the mother or father use medication during the pregnancy of the said child having trouble. There are so many variables that could be a cause to a BPD or any other disorder or problem.

        It’s not that simple to pin the tail on the donkey (Tila) and claim that is what is causing it. Many of the problems are bio-chemical imbalances and have been proven to be so. While, I don’t necessarily agree with the medication approach some doctors in the medical and psychiatric use. I will not rule that one out that it can work for some while doing irreparable damage to another.

        The medical, psychological, psychiatric, and sociological industries are at best patchy when it comes to defining a true sickness in mental or emotional health. They base everything on social norms, however, the social norms are radically different from country to country, as their customs and cultures are different too.

        I would like to propose a test for the young kids and anyone else that would like to attempt this. Keep, them away from wireless items, that includes cell phones, pagers, iPad, Tablets, you name it, any communications tools. Have the parents be strict about this, same with school officials. Keep those kids that suffer from what people are terming / labeling as BPD off the Internet. As a side note: These kids that tend to be excitable in this aspect should also be restricted from watching drama / violent based movies or T.V. shows or channels such as M-TV, VH-1 and many others. If they watch T.V. they have to watch nature shows or some good educational stuff.

        If they stay the same or get worse as time is goes on, that would be cause for immediate concern / action. If they gradually improve after the initial shock of being cut off, then what people are calling BPD, it’s not BPD. It’s people getting all wound up over drama, it’s more accessible than ever now, thanks to the wonderful tool, called the Internet and many networks cater to people with short attention sets, extreme violence and drama are the norm and they want to hook people. I’ve already railed against Viacom networks, which includes M-TV.

        As for their revenge and way of attempting to make money off of me, they invited me to be on numerous talk shows of theirs, to be on The Real World (without trying out to get on the show), and several other scenarios. It’s simply because I caught them doing something that was very unethical and indefensible from any angle they looked at it. I didn’t take the bait obviously, citing that their attempts to do so, were offensive putting it in nice language.

      • savorydish said

        Sorry, when someone chooses to become a public figure then they are no longer responsible for just themselves. If you are not responsible enough to take care of yourself than you are not responsible enough to be a role model. Like it or not, you are responsible for the image you put out there. If you don’t want that responsibility, than get an office job. You talk about ethics and responsibility a lot, but yet you give Tila a free ride. You are making excuses for her and that is classic enabler behavior.

      • Alex said

        Listen, I am not making excuses for anyone here, not you, not myself, and not Tila, or any of your readers for that matter. Everyone is responsible for themselves or in the case of young children, their parent are responsible for their actions and well being, that is what being a parent is all about. As a parent, their job is to make sure their children are interacting with the world correctly and if watching T.V. or on the Internet, they are supposed to say yes or no to given activities. If they want to hang
        out on Tila’s Hotspot and they are under 18, they should be barred from that site and material until they’re of age.

        When you being a celebrity, people don’t see it as being a role model at all, that’s just not thought of, period. They have many
        different reason to become famous, it usually has to do with money often times. Parent and this society have put unrealistic expectations on celebrities, celebrities are people too, meaning
        each person has a different mode of operation, different personality, different problems, and even challenges for which they triumph over.

        I give people that I meet a fair shake and don’t go along with herd mentality that people on the Internet think of someone. I am not one of her enablers, that too is another one of these buzz words, these days. I am just merely pointing something out, don’t throw psychological terms around on someone you don’t know, that if you have a doctoral degree in psychology, psychiatry, or sociology and licensed. Put it this way, unless she is under your care, for which the doctor / patient confidentiality comes into play you shouldn’t comment about stuff like that. I am going to be forward with you, it’s doesn’t look good about “your image”, if you are worried so much about it.

        If people are not willing to take on the responsibility for themselves and their children, that would be one of the many causes of the decline of the youth of a particular nation, media is just one part but what happens at home has a stronger pull in that aspect. Parents need to be the dominant role models in a child’s life as well as teachers and law enforcement. If a kid is looking outside this realm, someone is asleep at the wheel and that’s the problem!

        What I am saying is this, people have to take responsibility of themselves and their children and stop blaming someone else for their troubles and ills, the adults in a child’s life, meaning immediate adults (not someone on the net or as a celebrity) need to be the strong role models. Tila, is just being herself and then using psycho-drama to get people’s attention. If people want this to stop, they mention this one en masse and then don’t watch her anymore, no correspondence, nothing.
        There will be people supposedly close to Tila that will peter off when she is no longer famous and what is left are her her real, true friends can then interact with her and get her the help she needs. As it stands, if someone is sick or is a part of the Hollywood celebrity machine, trying to get in there to talk to a celebrity in a one to one conversation without media intervening is damn near impossible. Let alone if you are trying to get them treatment. The production studios and other organizations within Hollywood and the rest of the media when you get to that media want you to act a specific way, essentially selling your soul and everything else, that makes them money or increases their readership if it’s an online blog or magazine.

        Celebrities as it stands go through life, living their life in the spotlight, everything is magnified and blown out of proportion, many times. Sometimes, the press gets it right but often times
        they don’t. People aren’t going to change themselves to be your idea of a role model, they’re just being themselves. When people finally figure this out and move on, it will get much better.

        What would be interesting to see, if you became a celebrity 24/7 and people were chasing you if you had the same thoughts and actions as you do now or would you snap? I have been with other celebrities, asked to be a part of the entourage, reluctantly I agreed for one person whom I will leave nameless, although, it’s not Tila, nor does this person have any mental / emotion problems. From time I was on the red carpet, I learned a lot watching everything, from autographs, to how celebrities see the public and how they interact with each other. It’s a much different ball game when you in it vs. just talking about celebrities. Imagine this interest in your life, 24/7 and it starts to interfere with what you consider to be a normal part of your life. You can no longer be human, you can’t make errors in public, you have to be perfect (that is what the public / parents) expect but that’s not how it really is. If a person becomes a celebrity on purpose or complete accident (this can happen to) people bring their previous baggage with them forward, it human nature.

        As a note, to you and your readers, I am not treating Tila, nor can I. The reason for this would be simple, if you are in personal or casual relationship with an individual you cannot be the professional care taker, it’s about ethics, it would just be wrong. Also, to throw around psychological terms without spending a good long time with a patient in a professional setting, is also wrong. I cannot and will not rush to judgement on any individual under professional care. To comment on someone’s mental state if you are the professional caring for that individual and to go on T.V. or radio and discuss any or all of the details no matter how much people think they have a right to that information / data, is also wrong, it would be a violation of the doctor / patient confidentiality agreement.

      • savorydish said

        “Enabler” is not a buzz word. It’s science. Psychology is not a trend, it’s way for us to understand people like Tila. People who act irresponsibly for a quick buck. Your criticism is directed at all the wrong people.

      • Alex said

        The word “enabler” is being used by the mainstream media and is being defined incorrectly as well. The word itself, it’s science at all, it’s a description of someone that is more interested, as you said someone that is interested in monetary or some other gain other than treatment of a said person but that in and of itself isn’t a science.

        Psychology, as it stands, there are so many different branches to it that it confounds me that anyone would say they completely understand what is going on with someone or their thought process. Psychology, just like sociology is based on other peoples’ observations and theories. Now, whether these theories are valid for a particular situation or individual remains to be seen. The only real science that is being done is the statistical side. Although, statistics is the science of BS too. You can take the data and make it say what ever you want whether there is a basis in reality (actuality / facts based only) or not.

        To say that social sciences are true sciences is a bit of a stretch. We know far less about how the mind really works versus that of say, physics, how to calculate torque and horsepower, calculating relative gravity among other things. We have the theory but we’ve also come up with equations to test for this, for a given result.

        Psychology and other social science also have this too however the inventory tests are not actually based purely on mathematics which is the major sticking point to be considered a true science.

        I will be the first person to admit I don’t know everything about every situation under the sun in the psychology, psychiatry, and sociology. It’s quite literally impossible to know all of that.

        I also am a scientist that has others areas of expertise, electronics, computers, software engineer, physical science, yes, even psychiatry.

        I am more conservative when a party says something about someone or their character or their well-being, I will not make snap decisions on anything I do or are involved in. Enablers as you call them, do make snap decision in order to further their agenda or whatever aim it is.

        However, making a snap decision you have done in calling Tila a BPD and saying that you have come to the conclusion based on what that mental health person that chimed in a said that Tila has this type of disorder. How did you arrive at this conclusion, as I asked earlier? What was your methodologies and tests you ran in person in professional setting? If you did, then why are you talking about it on the Internet?

        What I will say, is there is a lot of disturbing behavior she does on camera, although she doesn’t exhibit this when not on camera or when she is not performing so to speak This particular problem has been addressed by many different people including myself, she does have an active counselor, however, since she hasn’t physically shown any true intention of going through with what she says on camera or when she thinks she is being watched, there isn’t that much we can do about it until she has proven the to the staff that is treating her that she is a danger to herself and the public in the most true sense. When she can no longer tell the difference between fact and fiction.

        I did make a recommendation for the active counselor some time ago to put Tila under 24/7 supervision and observation, now as to if this has been done and if the tests have be made and the results gone through, I do not know. Since, I am not part of the treatment team, nor should I be because I have a casual relationship with her, an acquaintance.

        I will reiterate on something, in order to diagnose someone correctly, the individual needs to be in a professional setting, needs to go through a battery of inventory tests in terms of psychology, from that point on speaking with a patient at length to find out what and how they feel about their life, the event therein, how they deal with stressors, etc.

        To just put out a statement about someone being of a certain personality disorder just isn’t right. My question to you and I am sure some of the people that have read this site and avoided contact with you regarding this. Are you doctor or do you work in the mental health field? Because nobody I know is “crazy enough” to spit something out like that without checking the facts first.

        Would you mind sharing the name of the mental health worker that you had mentioned about earlier, as well as their contact information? In the trade, that behavior isn’t professional and people that do that before running any tests and not actually having this person under their care is strictly forbidden. Those types of people get a black mark on their record because of their actions.

        Now, I am not opposed to talking about all these mental and emotional disorders but to attach someone’s name to this, isn’t right. Also, for as long as a blog owner is willing to show all the data and sources of this information and willing to prove it’s authenticity.

        Basically, to remotely diagnose, to suggest or spit out a disorder and pin it on someone, effectively labeling them insane before it’s been proven by the correct battery of tests is a premature.

        Many of the people I have worked with have had an insatiable urge to be noticed and the usual root cause was their were really lonely individuals and didn’t know how to get unstuck and lead a normal life. Their emotional / mental age had not caught up with their physical age, in maturity that is, not their intelligence. Many of them are absolutely brilliant people albeit misguided.

        Some of these people had a blog similar to yours, throwing out many different accusation about a said person and attempted to make the blog look official by having a mental health professional supposedly chime in. Now, I will tell you this, the very same person I helped get their facts straight years ago on their blog, took down their blog and then issued an apology to that person because she didn’t have any proof of that the accusation she made were actually true.

        This very same person that I helped get her facts straight, forwarded your blog for me to read. Would I question a blog owner doing the same thing for someone that wasn’t a celebrity and someone I didn’t know. The answer would be, yes, I would question blog’s owner of their true intent and motives.

        This person is now studying psychology at a major university in the United States, she just got done with her professional ethics courses, she wanted to know what I thought about this blog. I think she now has the answer.

        Now, I will say something about your writing style, it’s excellent however, without the proof, an actual name and picture of yourself if you are the blogger or team of bloggers, that actually doesn’t lend credibility, that can backfire on you.

        If the person that is supposedly of the mental health field gave you that initial assessment that Tila was BPD, you need to check to see if they were actually active in the field what their actual position is and where they work, so you can call there and interview various people at their posts that would know of the capacity and reputation of the person claiming to be an expert in that field. The reason why I say this is that diagnosing someone with an actual mental illness is a pretty serious event in the doctor’s office as well as life changing for the person that is being diagnosed or in some cases misdiagnosed as such. It takes hours and many tests to gain accurate insight to even to begin to understand what the problem is.

        The only time something will be a snap decision is if they show signs of a psychotic break, suicidal or having some sort of threatening behavior that puts themselves and others at risk to injury or death, then those people are dealt with accordingly, put under supervision and observation. It’s not until the patient calms down and the proper tests can be done will the correct diagnosis be made. In any case, the people that do the treatment or involved in the process of treating a patient is not allowed to discuss to the public any or all events that have transpired or anything that is covered by the doctor / patient confidentiality agreement.

        I am sure you probably already know this but you can only truly help someone that is truly reaching out for your help and not acting / faking it. If someone wants to play games or get help on their own terms, it won’t work even if you institutionalize them. They will in the mode of denial and then they just shut down, which doesn’t help them or the care provider team.

  3. Alex said

    The quote:

    “Bipolar Disorder, schizophrenia, sleep deprivation, severe clinical depression and stress is known to contribute to and trigger psychotic states. A history of psychologically traumatic events, and the recent experience of a stressful event, can both contribute to the development of psychosis…”

    The quote is partially true… However, studies have been done to discount Bipolar Disorder and Clinical Depression as to triggering psychotic states or a psychotic break. There needs to be more research done to prove or disprove the validity of both claims.

    There however hasn’t been any question or challenge on schizophrenia, extreme sleep deprivation that is known to trigger a psychotic state. What is known that is people after 96 hours of sleep deprivation, is they start to lose normal cognitive function and in some cases have heightened sense of aggression but not all of them mind you.

    To classify all of these possibilities for triggers for a psychotic state is one thing but to make the assertion or rather assumption that she is in a psychotic state in the video is quite extraordinary. You have to remember that when dealing with celebrities, many of them are actors / actresses, many of them are also method actors so it’s a possibility they could be faking it and doing a really good job of it.

    Also, as I said, if don’t have prior knowledge of the person from real life and not just what you see on the Internet or what you see on produced T.V., cable, and satellite segment you’re not getting an accurate picture of her mental and emotional health. While it does look bad for her and that she does need help based
    on what you have seen and heard, making guesses as to her true emotional and mental state and passing them off as if they were the truth is just bad news.

    Now, is this responsible for her to do such a thing on camera and post it to the Internet, certainly not. She has been talk to regarding this on numerous occasions but as I said before, I am not on the team, so I don’t know what is truly going on. In any case, I wouldn’t spread rumors nor the truth about someone’s mental / emotional state and certainly not blog about it.

  4. Observer said

    Borderlines are in the same cluster as narcissists and sociopaths, and all three PDs display narcissism as a main trait. Borderlines also can be very psychotic at times.` My ex, a male borderline, admired Tila Tequila, not for her looks or body, but I guess there was something he saw in her that he could relate to. Yeah, I agree, she is definitely a borderline.

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