The Troubled Princess

August 31, 2010

Once upon a time, there was a princess who felt like her relationship was a prison. She was a Beauty married to a Beast. At least, that was her side of the story. Turns out that princess might have suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder. Is it possible the beast and the prison were all in her troubled mind? The author below seems to think so.

excerpt from Publisher’s Weekly review of Diana in Search of Herself : Portrait of a Troubled Princess by Sally Bedell Smith:

Devotees who remember Princess Diana as a beautiful, warm-hearted mother dedicated to good works, whom an adulterous husband and the British Royal family unfairly victimized, will find little comfort in this treatment of her life. Smith relentlessly but convincingly portrays Diana as a woman with severe psychological problems (characterized here as a “”borderline personality””) who never overcame a serious eating disorder and was unable to sustain relationships. Based on research and interviews with Diana’s friends, Smith (Reflected Glory: The Life of Pamela Harriman) carefully presents Diana’s childhood as darkened by divorce and neglect, leaving Diana with deep feelings of unworthiness; by the time of her marriage she was, Smith contends, not only a bulimic but also a pathological liar. According to Smith, Prince Charles had completely severed relations with Camilla Parker-Bowles out of determination to make his marriage work, and did not revive his affair with her until the relationship with his wife fell apart. Diana, certain that Charles was still seeing Camilla from the date of their wedding, retaliated with a series of tawdry romances, and also engaged in self-mutilation, binge eating and other erratic behaviors that alienated Charles. Though Smith acknowledges that the princess dearly loved her sons, she also describes occasions when Diana placed emotional demands on them that they were too young to handle. This is a sharply etched and engrossing study of an insecure and emotionally damaged woman coming apart at the seams.

With borderlines (even famous ones), any meaningful relationship will eventually feel like a prison.  They blame the relationship. They blame their partners. But rarely do they blame themselves. In this state of mind, no serious relationship is worth “sticking out”. When BPs run from relationships, they are actually running from their own insecurities and their past demons.

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  1. Bon Dobbs said

    Thanks for the track back.

  2. […] already written a couple posts now on the speculation that Diana had suffered from BPD. But I have not yet written that much about the rumors of their extra-marital affairs. Infidelity […]

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