The Untreated Borderline

August 25, 2010

A guy asks this question about his borderline girlfriend at PsychCentral:

I was engaged about 7 months ago. My ex fiance started having really bad anxiety attacks. She was failing college and all of a sudden decided it was my fault. She started calling me a month ago. Asking to see me and she has changed, so I agreed. We were together for about a week. She had told me in the beginning she has been with no one since me. After that week she told me the truth. She was with 6 guys in that time. The sad thing is these guys use her for one night and dump her the next day. When she informed me of this she also told me some God aweful stuff to just plain tear me down. My question is what happens to people that have this disorder and never get help?

This is what Dr. Kristina Randal had to say:

It is hard to say what exactly will happen to someone with untreated borderline personality disorder. That answer depends on many factors. I think you are seeing first hand what could potentially happen to someone with this disorder who is not in treatment, failing school, anxiety attacks, engaging in unstable and unhealthy relationships, and so forth. I hope that your ex does get help and if you are still in touch with her, you should encourage her to get help. It is likely that without help, her self destructive behavior will continue and may even get worse. Encourage her to get help; that is all that you can do. Good luck and please take care.

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