Vampire Love

August 22, 2010

Vampire love seems to be all the rage these days. Meanwhile awareness of Borderline Personality Disorder has gained its own media exposure. Is one morbid fascination related to the other?

A borderline can certainly relate to a tragic love that is doomed to fail. A crazy kind of love that marries both pleasure with pain. They can relate to the feeling of not being of this world and not being in control of impulsive urges. Like a vampire, a BP doesn’t know how to love someone without hurting them.

Some detractors have characterized BPs  as “emotional vampires”. Partners of BPs have described feeling like unsuspecting victims. Victims seduced by a lover who ends up sucking the life out of them. They have described not knowing whether to love or fear a BP. In the end, BPs pass on a little bit of their affliction in the same way vampires turn their lovers into the living dead.

But does this demonization of BPs only make them feel more like an outcast, like a vampire being chased by the villagers? Instead of making them into monsters, aren’t we all better off making borderlines seem more human?

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