Avoiding Therapy Like the Plague

August 20, 2010

Borderline Personalities can have a troubled relationship with therapists. Trust and control issues are at the core of their disorder, so even trusting someone who is trying to help them is difficult. All it takes is one bad experience to turn a BP off to therapy. So instead they turn to superficial quick fixes- Moving from city to city, jumping from one relationship to another, changing hair styles, buying new clothes, getting a new tattoo, burying themselves in work or hobbies. These actions give the illusion of change, but are really just diversionary tactics.

Many BPs struggled with an eating disorder and self-mutilation in their youth, but were able to overcome it. This may have given them the false impression that they can heal on their own. While BPD can seem to mellow out with age, most of the time symptoms just morph into other (sometimes more serious) symptoms.

Traditionally, Borderline Personality Disorder has been difficult to treat. Many therapists would avoid dealing with borderlines because they had a reputation of being difficult and adversarial. But with the introduction of Dialectical Behavior Therapy that has all changed. BPD is not your ordinary disorder, it requires a specialist. Traditional therapy will not do. If the BP is not ready to deal with their past, it can actually be harmful.

But nothing can be more harmful than not being treated. Untreated, BPD can ruin a person’s life- relationships, school, career, etc. An untreated BP makes impulsive and irrational decisions. An untreated BP lives in constant fear. An untreated BP is likely to suffer from depression, anxiety attacks, and thoughts of suicide. Ignoring it, dismissing it or trying to cover it up is the worst thing you could do.

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