Call for Personal Activism

August 14, 2010

It seems like activism is at an all time high. People are fighting for everything from feminism to veganism,  from political change to climate change. These are all noble causes for sure, but what about personal change, personal activism? We put so much focus on global consciousness, but are we neglecting personal consciousness?

Are we calling for corporate responsibility at the expense of our own personal responsibilities? Are we outraged about atrocities and wars overseas, but indifferent to the conflicts and suffering in our own personal relationships? Are we against the death penalty, but vindictive towards loved ones? Do we protest war and then hold grudges against someone who has wronged us? Do we fight to free Tibet, but then mistreat those who are close to us? Do we protest against discrimination, but then harshly judge those we know intimately? We work so hard to save the environment, but give up so easily when it comes to saving our relationships.

After all, how many of us are powerful enough to change the world? But maybe if we start with ourselves, then we might see some change around us. And who knows? Maybe the peace and understanding we create in our personal relationships may cause a domino effect of goodwill that could spread across the globe.

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