The Itch That Can’t Be Scratched Away

August 11, 2010

For as long as you can remember you’ve had eczema, an extreme dry skin condition that causes a person to itch incessantly. You’ve gone to see several dermatologists, but they can’t seem to find a cause. Maybe you’re going to see the wrong kind of doctor. Maybe you need to see a shrink. Psychologists have evidence to believe that repressed emotions are so powerful they can actually cause your skin to itch or compel someone to obsessively pick their skin.

Repressed emotions can take many forms but here’s a few:

  • Hiding depression behind a facade
  • Burying a traumatic experience.
  • Holding onto a grudge.
  • Unable to confront someone who harmed you.
  • Avoiding guilt and shame.

Whatever the reason it has affected you deeply. So deeply it has caused physical ailments.

Left unresolved, the repressed emotions can cause migraines, ulcers, nausea and tumors. Repressed emotions can ruin a relationship, because you will end up using your partner as an emotional punching bag for all the stuff that has happened to you in the past. The solution then becomes to find a way to let go of your emotions in a way that doesn’t harm others or yourself. And that is a topic for another post.

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