The Woman Who Pushed Love Away

July 18, 2010

One woman tells of how she pushed men out of her life and talks about why she did it. She talks about expectations that were too high and how she ultimately didn’t feel like she deserved to be loved. She talks about caring too much in the beginning and feeling robbed in the end. She talks about the long line of people she has left in her wake. And talks about the day she finally woke up.

2 Responses to “The Woman Who Pushed Love Away”

  1. Love your blog! Love it!

    • savorydish said

      Thank you. I thought your post on your site was appropriate for this post, so I’m quoting it:

      Why is that when a girl gets what she wants she doesn’t want it anymore? I seem to have this problem on a daily basis. I want lots of things and I seem to always get what I want but once I have it I lose interest. This applies to everything in my life from materialistic things to men. How do I fix this problem?

      My take: Maybe you are using men and materialistic things to fix what can only be fixed by you.

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